CrunchyRoll iPhone App – Home of Asian Anime and Dramas

There is no better place to search for Asian dramas and anime than at CrunchyRoll iPhone app. You can enjoy licensed entertainment and download your all-time favorites like Gintama, Shugo Chara, and Naruto. So if you’re one of the audiences who can’t watch anime via satellite and cable, you can now legally stream it through this app.

Software Navigability

Unlike many other iPhone programs, CrunchyRoll is very easy to use and navigate. Right after opening the software in your device, you will see 5 tabs that will lead you to different CrunchyRoll programs. A log-in button is available for you to access your personal account. There is also a search tab that allows you to look for specific Asian dramas and anime available at the site.

You can also scroll your way through various shows by tapping the anime or drama icon. These buttons open to different categories and allow you to search shows by season and genre. If Asian shows are new to you, click on the Most Popular tab and find out the latest craze of anime fanatics today.

CrunchyRoll iPhone app features shows which can be viewed by tilting your mobile device to the side. If you’re looking for something specific, just type the title and it will immediately pop up on your screens.

A subtitle feature is also available in English language. Right after choosing a show, a tab will appear and would allow you to activate the subtitle setting. It also contains play, pause, and fast-forward buttons so you can easily control the show you’re watching.

What’s Hot

CrunchyRoll iPhone app offers free membership. With this program, you get the latest updates on Asian anime and dramas. You can also enjoy watching shows without those bothering ads!

Fast and quality downloads can be assured with the use of CrunchyRoll. Program availability on anime shows also makes this mobile application worth the download. So what are you waiting for? Download this app and find the most recent shows enjoyed all over Asia!

What’s Not

The site features more than 60 anime shows. But if you’re looking for drama in particular, you might get a little disappointed with the available programs.

You also have to avail the premium subscription service to enjoy early access on select episodes. Paid membership on CrunchyRoll iPhone app also comes with added benefits like High Definition streaming.

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When a Branded App Is A Waste Of Money

Branded apps for businesses can be created for many reasons and many purposes. But it doesn’t mean that any business essentially needs one. It’s not just about a wish to have it, it’s all about your business strategy and the goal that will be pursued by the app – most probably driving more clients to your products and services. Furthermore, every task must be perfectly handled by the app; otherwise it will definitely do nothing but lose users. Let’s see when you should say no to making an app for your business:

1. A mobile website is already enough.
If your business isn’t revolving around the mobile app itself, having a mobile-optimized website is an absolute necessity. And then there’s a question of having or not having a mobile application. If there’s a set of tasks that you lay upon a website, and the website does them perfectly, and there’s no obvious reason to lay the same tasks upon an application, then why should you make it? A website generally costs less than an application, and it can be browsed for from any mobile device, especially if it’s a responsive one.

2. You don’t have many returning clients – or not many people know your brand (yet).
In many (but not all) instances, a branded application will be downloaded and installed by a loyal, returning client, who often purchases your products and services. That’s convenience for both sides. Casual visitors, for one reason or another, may find themselves on your website and get acquainted with what you offer. But an application is downloaded intentionally, mostly by those who already know your brand.

3. You don’t have enough time and budget to build and maintain an app that will easily face competitors.
Sometimes apps by different competitors face inevitable comparisons on various blogs. Here it’s better to have no app than to have a bad app. Software development budget plays the main role and requires thorough planning. You need to be ready to invest enough money and your own time and efforts to create a software product with (almost) flawless user experience. Let’s not forget that having reserve budget for support and maintenance is vital – otherwise it may be better to say no. If you cannot afford the full product, some features may be left for later – the main thing is to define the minimum that will work and plan upon that minimum.

4. You haven’t figured out the exact purpose of the application.
It often happens that business owners want an application just to keep up with mobile trends, and don’t think and prepare much to create something that will solve problems of the business and problems of future users at the same time. These problems must be solved efficiently and quickly, otherwise we return to #3, where we say that no app is better than a bad (or useless) app. You could as well develop an in-house app that will rid your employees of daily routine, or you could develop an app for your clients, present your services and special offers for mobile users. But you must exactly define what it’s for and who it’s for. Never ignore the audience and what they want. Very often the frequency of use doesn’t define value of an app, if it’s truly useful when it’s needed.

Perhaps you don’t really need an app, but rather a better website, in order to gain clients and bring them back to products and services you offer. All of these are general thoughts; of course, there are a lot of different situations and businesses. What are other cases when it’s better to say no to an app? What have you discovered throughout your own experience – or maybe experiences of people you know?

The Big One – Ten Point Zero, We Need iPhone App Software for That

It appears that scientists are still working on the ability to predict future earthquakes, and there is a lot more work to be done in this area. Luckily, they are getting better at predicting things, and have all sorts of artificial intelligent decision-making software tools, running on supercomputers to assist them. They take into consideration all sorts of things, but they just aren’t there yet. However, there are some tools which to help, that is to say they helped warn people just prior to the earthquake as it is starting.

There was a great article in the April 2011 issue of Scientific American titled “Seconds Before the Big One, Earthquake Detection Can Sound Alarm in the Moments Before a Big Tremor Strikes – Time Enough to Save Lives,” by Richard Allen.

The big 9.2 earthquake in Japan alerted those in Tokyo a full 50-seconds ahead of time, enough to stop all the high-speed trains, buses, and warn folks. Do we need such a system in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco too? Could cost 10s of billions, or maybe there is another way, one which may only cost a few million? Let’s talk.

As an earthquake starts it pushes waves out, before the ground really starts going, and these precursory waves can be monitored, and help alert people that an earthquake is coming. Alerting people of an earthquake 30 seconds ahead of time would be a tremendous asset to saving lives. Such a system in Los Angeles could be quite expensive, but perhaps it could be also worth it.

What if such a system was set up to work off of the cell phone lines?

What if they could send out a reverse 911 alert to everyone with a cell phone, or who had downloaded in iPhone app?

That is to say it would alert everyone who was within range of the cell tower in the areas which would be affected. In some cases it might alert them only 10 or 20 seconds, with a pre-recorded phone call or text message. Perhaps enough to get their car off of a bridge, or out from under a bridge, and certainly enough time to pull over on the side of the road, where it would be saved.

Folks that were near things which might fall on top of them could move out of the way, 10 to 20 seconds would be enough to cross the street, get out from underneath the tree, or away from a tall building. Even someone in a wheelchair would have a fighting chance. Indeed I hope you’ll please consider all this and think on it.

How To Get An iPhone App Designed With No Programming Skills

The iPhone has truly revolutionized the cell phone industry. People now have the chance to check email, watch TV and take part in video conferences with people at the other side of the world. Another exciting development is that of iPhone app design. This allows people with absolutely not programming knowledge to design their own apps for a number of different uses.

There are a number of categories of apps currently available, including news, utilities, games and sport. Apps are generally designed for three purposes: to entertain, to inform and to make life easier. Many companies develop apps in order to bring their customers the latest information on offers and special deals.

There are an increasing number of internet entrepreneurs now app software with no experience. This is made possible by the many developer websites now available on the world wide web. These services are easy to use, relatively cheap and come with all the features required to successfully design an app. In many cases, the services are free, with ads placed somewhere on the screen.

The first stage is usually to register with one of the several sites offering this service. Only basic details will be required, including full name and email address as a minimum. Easy to use interfaces guide the user through each step of the process with the use of dialog boxes. The second stage usually involves naming the app.

There are then a list of different features to choose from, depending on the service. The user must first select the type of software that is to be developed. There are different options but they usually include information, utility and games. There is the option to link the app to a website. This will automatically bring people up to date with changes on the site.

The user will get the chance to name the site and give it a brief description for potential customers to read. There is usually the chance to build the app up gradually, adding different features as the process continues. However, many users opt to use one of the ready-made templates available. These simply require the relevant information to be entered; all the design features are already in place.

iPhone app design allows the user to add podcasts, multimedia streaming and e-commerce. It is also often possible to make the software available in other computer languages – giving it the best chance of success. These software packages help to maintain contact with existing customers as well as finding brand new ones.