The Top Apps, Software and Online Services for Organizing Your Mind

A lot of us blame technology for the constant stress that we’re under and for the fact that we feel constantly so wired. We’re continuously bombarded by notifications and messages and we seem to spend half our time looking at screens – is it any wonder so many of us are burned out?

But just as guns don’t kill people – people do, so is it true that apps don’t make you tired – you do.

The key is just to use the right technology. Actually, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you to feel less stressed and that can reduce that information overload. Likewise, there are also a number of online services that can do the same. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Headspace is an app that can teach you how to practice mindfulness meditation. The app does cost money if you intend to keep using it but the first few sessions are free and provide a great introduction.


Fabulous is a beautifully designed app for Android that can help you to take on new habits and routines and that will guide you through your goals and objectives. It makes setting new challenges for yourself fun and encourages you with motivation and tips along the way.

Standing Orders

Here’s a great way to use technology to make your life easier – set up some standing orders with online services. There are actually tons of companies that now offer there services on an automated recurring business:

  • Clothes companies that send you a new outfit every month
  • Supermarkets that let you have your weekly shop delivered to you
  • Diet companies that send ready made meals/ingredients to you on a daily basis
  • Flower shops that send flowers to someone on their birthday every year

Consider if something like this could help!

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an assistant that works for you via the web. They tend to be based in India and are very affordable but their services cover anything that can be done online. That could mean doing research for your work, or it could mean helping you organize a holiday!


Todoist is a great ‘to-do list’ app that lets you set to do lists and then receive notifications and reminders about them.

Google Calendar

Any calendar app can be a great way to check your availability and to avoid over booking yourself. It syncs with other apps and even lets you share your schedule with others too.

Challenges for a Mobile App Development Company

India stands second in the world, in the number of active mobile phones users. The number of people who own and use cell phones continues to grow. 1 billion Smartphone users are expected to sell in the coming year, doubling that of the number of PCs. With over 10 billion mobile Internet devices expected to be in use by 2016 which is 1.4 device per person on the planet. According to some recent research Moms spend 53 percent of their app-usage time playing games with Android phones. On iPads, that’s 48 percent of their app time, and on iPhones, 31 percent. “Moms are gamers, too.” So, you can certainly experience its explosive growth.

But it is not as green as it appears. Starting and establishing a mobile app development business is a hard nut to crack. Few challenges faced by start-up companies are:

  • Resource restraint: It’s not that corporations don’t have access to in-house programming talent-they usually do. However, most of that talent is going to have experience on the Windows side; not necessarily on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Windows can and should be a part of any mobile platform discussions. However, it’s only a part and there’s got to be work done on Android and iOS. But, let’s be honest. If you’re a hotshot 27-year old mobile programmer, are you going to look for work inside a corporation’s in-house app development team? Or are you going to try and join one of the seemingly never-ending supplies of mobile startups who seem certain they can make millions with the latest hot app?
  • Security: Every mobile device manufacturer understands the importance of security, and offers accommodations for it. Sometimes different mobile platforms provide varying degrees of support for securing data stored on the device. At the same time, not every mobile application needs the same level of security, and users dislike multiple login to access data on the device itself or back-end data. However, the responsibility for protecting data falls squarely on the application developers’ shoulders, so they must incorporate encryption into the application down to the file system level
  • Gathering & Implementation of Ideas: When you start a new business the very first point that matters is objective evaluation. Gathering all ideas. And not just falling in love with those ideas. Doing rigorous study and investigation also matters. Referring experts and then taking a decision. According to a popular business trainer “When you choose to open a business, your chances at success-and satisfaction-are greater if you love the work you do”.
  • What is their business model? Do they sell their own apps?
  • Finance: Most people assume that this is an easy ride especially for someone whose father is already a billionaire, whereas, whether it’s an investor or your own father he wants to see great projections before he agree to invest in your new business. Whatever kind of business you’re setting up – from a one-person operation based at home, to a high-tech manufacturing plant – you need to be clear about how much money you’re going to need and where you’re going to get it.

Regardless of your challenges, that you’ll be facing. There are few important qualities that may lead you to success:

  • Platform appropriate – Your app should be optimized for a mobile user. Make sure your app is compatible and functional for all brands and devices.
  • User Friendly – Your app needs to look amazing. Even the best app idea could falter if it isn’t packaged in a fully branded, colorfully enticing way. Your app needs to be easy to install, easy to access, and easy to use. Sketch out how you think you’d like your app to work and spend time making it simpler.
  • Memorable & shareable – Your user should be left with a major impression. Use any design, wording, and interface techniques you can to make sure your user never forget their experience. The most successful mobile apps are the ones that are easily shareable. Your app needs to have a feature that rewards users for sharing it with other users.
  • Spontaneous – Any app needs to be accessible for short bursts of user activity. If your app only is good for long, drawn-out sessions of use, it probably won’t succeed.
  • Cheap – It’s a no-brainer. The cheaper something is, the more users are likely to download it. Try a free version coupled with a full version.
  • Demographic targeted – Know your audience. Not everyone in the world will want your app, so focus on the users who will.
  • Fun – Possibly the most important quality in any app is its level of enjoy ability. Take the time to entertain your users in addition to whatever your app’s primary function is.

How Does an Ideal Taxi App’s Dispatch Panel Looks and Works Like?

Taxi App’s dispatch panel has a lot more than it seems to be!

Zooming in on a dispatch panel while heading up for “taxi app development” should be first in your priority list.

Admin/Dispatch Solution is the bedrock of any taxi software that provides the key reports to successfully drive business by taking intelligible actions. The challenge of supply-demand or efficiently matching riders and drivers in the real world while ensuring low wait times and taking into account traffic and other factors all come under the hood of dispatch panel’s algorithm.

But ever wondered how does a dispatch panel look like?

There’s a giant infrastructure behind the scene that acts like a real-time market platform that matches drivers with riders using mobile phones which is generally optimized using an AI simulation framework.

Moving forward, here we see the basic picture of dispatch panel and its output variables:

1. A dashboard that allows Admin to view and manage:

– All ride bookings

– Average no. of trips completed by all the drivers

– Average distance drove (on and off trips)

– Average driver earnings in a month/year.

– Total potential trips lost in a day/month/year.

2. Real-time tracking feature that enables Admin to track all their drivers in real-time to know their ride status, availability and location.

3. A Driver management feature that allows Admin to assign rides to drivers and keep their customers posted with real-time updates. Admin also has full authority to activate or deactivate any drivers’ account.

4. Ride management feature allows Admin to see the total no. of ongoing rides on the LIVE Map, no. of rides requested by customers, no. of rides accepted and canceled by the drivers.

5. The dynamic pricing factor increases when there is more demand and less supply.

6. Advanced analytics report section that allows Admin to see user wallet report, driver payment report, ride acceptance report and total earnings report.

7. In-app real-time chats, push notifications to send messages in-person or broadcast to drivers and customers to maintain effective communication.

8. A dispatcher panel also enables admin to create rides upon the users’ request if in case they do not have the app or they’ve lost their network.

How Dispatch System Works?

The taxi app’s dispatch system is mainly driven by GPS/Location data. Uber-like taxi apps consider the formula of dividing the earth into tiny cells through the Google S2 library giving it a unique cell ID.

Dispatch is built using node.js the advantage with using node is the asynchronous and event-based framework. Furthermore, it enables you to send and receive messages over WebSockets enabling the client to send messages to the server at the time.

An intelligent dispatch panel is the soul of any taxi app software. It can make or break your business. It offers you endless possibilities to manage the taxi drivers, cabs and customers and take actionable decisions based on the ride reports. Also, it helps you monitor your progress. It is paramount.

So, what are you waiting for? To effectively manage your fleet operations get an advanced taxi dispatch system from a reliable taxi app development partner now and start scaling your business swiftly.

10 Common Mistakes in APP and Software Localization

Developing software can be challenging, but when localization is also required, there are simple concepts which when incorporated will make localization easier and quick. Here is what needs to be followed:

Keep the text and code separate
When writing to code, the coder may be tempted to embed the text directly into the code. Ensure that this is avoided as this will cause the software localization experts to have to reread the whole code to determine which text needs to be translated. This process will be time-consuming and costly.

It is important to give room
Some languages such as English are compact allowing the developer to keep the code compact. However, some languages such as German and Finish, for example, are longer and denser. If the coding is compact with no extra space when the APP localization is done, the string may overlap onto the controls and require the APP or software to be edited after the translation.

Be specific on language and country
It always pays to be precise and the same applies to software development. It is therefore advised that a language and a country code are used in the coding. After all, US English will defer from UK English in spelling as well as in date formats, etc. These differences, when addresses, will help you to add similar language options with ease as the software is tuned for new geographies.

Concatenate code
Some developers do not place complete sentences in the code causing the APP localization experts to have to guess the missing sentence which causes errors and confusion in the translation process. These incomplete sentence puzzles are difficult to crack and cause a lot of time wastage.

Ensure Unicode support
Use UTF-8 as it standardizes the encodings across the browser and server. After all, you will want to avoid a situation where the server is in English, the browser in Chinese and all the characters get corrupted.

Numbers, Units, Dates & Times
During the App development process, remember to request not to hard-code the number, units, date and time format as these differ with geographies. When software localization is being done, hard-coded formats cause difficulty in adapting to the changed culture and can be confusing.

The writing does not always flow from left the right!
Unlike English, some languages are written from right to left and a few others vertically. Ensure the coding allows for APP localization to adapt to these different forms of language input. It safer to prepare beforehand for the complex writing formats than to have to spend considerable time for software localization.

Enable secure communication
When coding a variable can have different meanings, and this largely depends on the coder. In these cases, it is important to communicate with the localization expert to make him/her understand what the variable stands for. Ensure the coder leaves notes and tips to enable smooth localization minimizing the errors.

Beware of images which contain text
Images are great for APP development as they reduce the word count and make the coding easier to understand apart from making the APP/ software more appealing to the user. However, when these images contain text, the software localization process is impaired as the text on the graphic also needs to be translated and re-coded. Remember to always keep the images and the text apart for easy translation.